Placing a Freezer Order

Whole Pig (approx. 160 – 200 lbs)                            $5.75/lb**

Half Pig  (approx. 80 – 100 lbs)                                 $5.75/lb**

Quarter Pig (approx. 40 – 50 lbs)                             $6.20/lb**

**hanging weight (expect about 15% weight loss due to trimming)

It can be a bit daunting to place a freezer order if you don’t know what you can get from your pig. pig breakdown

Here is an example of a half pig yield. Note that if you are planning to order a quarter pig, you should divide everything by two.

Shoulders include the butt and the picnic. Both make excellent roasts for slow cooking. Typically each shoulder yields 4 roasts. You may choose bone-in or boneless. You may also opt for some shoulder chops and/or ground pork. The delicious hock can be left whole, cut in half, or put into ground. The hock is an under-rated cut that produces a dark, dense, rich meat when slow cooked.
Default cut:  4 bone-in roasts and a hock

Leg (a.k.a. ham) also makes good roasts. As with the shoulder, this cut benefits from slow cooking to make it tender. Again, a leg typically yields 4 roasts and you may opt for bone-in or boneless. Or sacrifice a roast for more ground pork. Again, you have a tasty hock to either enjoy whole, halved, or ground.
Default cut:  4 bone-in roasts and a hock

Belly is where bacon comes from. The default cut is sliced side pork, which is bacon that is not cured or smoked. You can fry it up just like bacon, adding a little salt to bring out the flavour. Or you can have it cut into slabs for roasting. Spare ribs are part of the belly and are cut and wrapped into 2 meal-sized portions for 2 people.
Default cut:  sliced side pork and spare ribs

Loin produces many of the most popular cuts, including pork chops, tenderloin, back ribs, butterfly chops and loin roasts (bone-in or boneless). You can choose a combination of cuts, or simply ask for all bone-in chops (the default is 1″ thick, 2 chops per package). Note that there is only about one pound of tenderloin per half pig – the default is to leave it on the chops.
Default cut:  bone-in chops

Ground pork is made from the trim and wrapped in one lb packages. You may request extra by sacrificing a roast or hock.
Default cut:  about 6 lbs ground per half pig

Organs (tongue, kidney, liver, heart), head, jowl, back fat and leaf lard will be included in your order upon request. Bones are included by default. You will not receive the feet, ears or tail.
Default cut:  bones

You may choose to upgrade some cuts for curing and smoking  (over and above the basic price). Additional charges are:

Bacon                                                              $5.25/lb

Ham (bone-in)                                                 $4.20/lb

Ham (boneless)                                               $4.20/lb

Hocks                                                              $3.50/lb

Check out this handy carcass breakdown chart for more info.

To place an order, please send an email to me, Barbara, at