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Regional Contact

Joel Haslam of CTV’s Regional Contact spent some quality time with the pigs here in October. The episode aired November 10, 2013. I believe that Joel captured the essence of what I’m trying to accomplish – raising animals for food with respect and gratitude. Yes, our food can live a happy life!


Pig Farmer Seeking Sponsors

The drought of the summer of 2012 drove animal feed prices to their highest point ever, and drove Barbara Schaefer to take drastic measures.

CBC Radio

The Philosophy of Pig

A 20 minute documentary produced by the CBC, first aired on The Current October 20, 2009. Producer Neil Morrison explores how Barbara Schaefer, a former civil servant and environmental activist, makes a radical lifestyle change and comes to the rescue of a critically endangered breed of domestic livestock – the Large Black Pig.

Eastern Ontario Agrinews

Upper Canada Heritage Breeds filling sophisticated niche market

Reporter Catherine Thompson visits Upper Canada Heritage Farm and discovers why farmer Barbara Schaefer has chosen the Large Black Pig to fill a niche market for pastured pork in Ottawa.

Ottawa Citizen

Upper Canada Heritage Meat Offers CSA Shares

Ron Eade, food critic for the Ottawa Citizen, introduces readers to the first ever heritage meat Community Shared Agriculture project.

100-MILE Pork: Little farm, large pigs – Merrickville-area farmer saves breed from extinction

In a feature article published in the Food Section on January 13, 2010, Citizen food reporter Laura Robin writes about her visit to Upper Canada Heritage Farm.

North Country Public Radio

Raising Rare Heritage Hogs

First airing on March 25, 2010, this segment was produced by freelance reporter Lucy Martin for the Environment Report. It has since aired on radio stations across Canada and the U.S.



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