The Basics of Raising Pigs

A fabulous article by Diane Schivera, providing the information you need to know if you are considering raising pigs outdoors.

Stonehedge Farms

John and Lorraine Ashby raise the Lincoln Red cattle for our CSA.

Canadian Livestock Records

Upper Canada Heritage Farm is a member of CLR. Here is the link to the pedigrees of all our registered Large Black Pigs.

Ask the Meatman

Caution. This site will keep you occupied for hours with its incredible variety of information about pork (and other meats) including cooking and storage tips.

Field to Fork Pig Weights

Page 2 of this handy brochure illustrates the breakdown of a pig carcass and how much edible pork you can expect to get from a whole pig.

Beth Shepherd – Artist

A great supporter of Upper Canada Heritage Farm and a painter of all things PIG.



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